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On the left you can see a demo of one of our newest apps Sudoku Ninja in action. Sudoku Ninja is a Universal App like none before. Unleash your inner Sudoku Ninja! Facebook, Twitter and Game Center are fully integrated! Win games, score points, play Sudoku Ninja now because it's awesome! Discover the next generation of Sudoku with amazing graphics, animations, and ease of use.

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Featured Apps by Socially Conscious Software LLC

Ideas Pro

What more could you want?

To Do Pro

Plan, Organize, Succeed

Writing Toolkit

Unlock your Genius

Sudoku Ninja

Sudoku themed ninja.

Writer's Block Buster

Get the writing help you deserve!


Your Life, Your Priorities

Take Me Home, I'm Lost!

Everything you need to find your way.

Dr. Evil

70's Game Show Fun

Doodle Pro Free

No Paper Necessary!